Master the Start: 10 Steps to Get Out of Your Own Way and Create Your Dream Business


Entrepreneurship is the new American Dream, yet not many take the chance on themselves to actually fulfill it. Today the possibilities are endless in what you can make money doing, and your dream life is at your fingertips. You just have to take one idea and believe in yourself enough to follow through with it.

Erin Smith is a serial entrepreneur who started by investing in real estate at the age of 22. Her first business was a pet sitting business which she built to 12 employees and six-figures, all while still working her corporate job. After selling that, she moved to her second business, again, building it quickly and selling within a few years. Erin now teaches others how to take simple ideas and do big things with them.

Master the Start walks you through the steps that it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. You will also learn the groundwork required to get out of your own head and actually build the business you only thought you could dream about.

Master the Start will teach you:

– How to come up with business ideas

– How to get yourself ready to start and become ready for entrepreneurship

– Understanding business models, and all of the different ways you can make money

– Where to begin once you have an idea

– The foundational pieces that will have you believing you can actually do this and will get you on the path to success


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