Learn To Be A Virtual Recruiter: All You Need To Know


If you have a computer, a telephone, and a quiet place to work, you can become a Virtual Recruiter, starting today! Nobody needs to hire you — you hire yourself! No financial investment required, either. Make it a home business, or rent a small office if you prefer. Then imply choose your industry or occupational niche (such as health care, insurance, advertising, sales, nursing, engineering, etc), then go to work. Your job is to “source” (i.e., find and recruit) candidates for employers nationwide or worldwide. LEARN TO BE A VIRTUAL RECRUITER shows you how it’s done — how you can earn a substantial income as a solo recruiter with just an Internet-connected computer and telephone. First, you’ll learn how to secure job orders from companies (that is, lists of jobs that need to be filled), then how to use free public resume databases (and other sources) to locate “fits” (well-qualified candidates) to fill those positions. You’ll never meet or personally interview anyone, the entire job is accomplished by email and telephone. And once you get a hire (a placement), your Placement Fee can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than ten times that much, depending upon the starting salary of the candidate you placed. A word of caution: virtual recruiting is not for everyone. You must be detail-oriented and determined to succeed. But the advantages are many. Today, recruiting is a potentially lucrative field. There’s no long training or apprenticeship needed (you can literally start today, if you wish). And you can work from anywhere on the globe — USA, Europe, India, Australia, it doesn’t matter, as long as you have good phone service and a good Internet connection. Nor does it matter what your personal background is or what your financial, family or at-home situation is. Best of all, there is absolutely no financial investment required to work in this Internet-based business. LEARN TO BE A VIRTUAL RECRUITER shows you the ropes — how to get started, and how to succeed!


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