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Product Features

  • Firstly … they can’t figure out the *BIG* traffic secrets used by others who are raking in thousands of dollars every day.
  • Secondly … there is so much misleading, junk information out there which makes it extremely difficult to get started.
  • And finally … what you have learnt till now has been too technical, too complicated and time consuming with little or no results to show for in the end.

Advances in Human Aspects of Transportation: Proceedings of the Ahfe2016 Conference on Human Factors in Transportation (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing)

This book discusses the latest advances in research and development, design, operation and analysis of transportation systems and their complementary infrastructures. It reports on both theories and case studies on road and rail, aviation and maritime transportation. The book covers a wealth of topics, from accident analysis, vehicle intelligent control, and human-error and safety issues to next-generation transportation systems, model-based design methods, simulation and training techniques, and many more. A special emphasis is given to smart technologies and automation in transport, as well as to user-centered, ergonomic and sustainable design of transport systems. The book, which is based on the AHFE 2016 International Conference on Human Factors in Transportation, held on July 27-31, 2016, in Walt Disney World(R), Florida, USA, mainly addresses transportation system designers, industrial designers, human-computer interaction researchers, civil and control engineers, as well as vehicle system engineers. Moreover, it represents a timely source of information for transportation policy-makers and social scientists dealing with traffic safety, management, and sustainability issues in transport.

Guide To Free Traffic Generation

Need traffic but don’t have any money to invest?

“Every Website Needs a Regular Flow of Traffic… So Learn How To Generate It For Free…”

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer

It’s no secret that traffic is the lifeblood of the internet.

Every single website, blog or social media page needs a regular flow of people looking at it or else what’s the point of it actually existing?

In recent years the focus of traffic generation has very much been on paid traffic methods.

and don’t get me wrong – paid traffic methods can be hugely effective…

But what happens if you just DON’T have the money to invest into traffic methods?

It’s all very well investing $200 into solo ads IF you have that sort of money available – but sometimes it’s just not possible, even if you’re confident you could get back your investment afterwards through sales of your paid products or affiliate promotions.

This can be a particular problem when you’re just starting out in the world of internet marketing, but that’s also precisely the time when most people are struggling for traffic…

The answer is free traffic methods.

I’ll give you a little warning here…

Free traffic methods DO require more ‘leg work’ than paid traffic methods and typically results won’t come in as fast, but as long as you’re prepared for that then the good news is that…

It’s very possible to generate good quality traffic for FREE!

You just need to be shown how – and that’s why I created ‘The Essential Guide To Free Traffic’…

Basically – it does what it says on the tin and shows you methods you can use to generate free traffic to your websites.

Inside you’ll discover:

Real methods for generating traffic to your websites without spending any money

How to really succeed with the ‘worst kept traffic generation secret’ – article marketing

How to generate traffic using forums

A simple guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to succeed with Video marketing

Using social media

and more

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Surrender, Dorothy: A Novel

For years, Sara Swerdlow was transported by an unfettered sense of immortality. Floating along on loving friendships and the adoration of her mother, Natalie, Sara’s notion of death was entirely alien to her existence. But when a summer night’s drive out for ice cream ends in tragedy, thirty-year-old Sara — “held aloft and shimmering for years” — finally lands.
Mining the intricate relationship between love and mourning, acclaimed novelist Meg Wolitzer explores a single, overriding question: who, finally, “owns” the excruciating loss of this young woman — her mother or her closest friends? Depicting the aftermath of Sara’s shocking death with piercing humor and shattering realism, Surrender, Dorothy is the luminously thoughtful, deeply moving exploration of what it is to be a mother and a friend, and, above all, what it takes to heal from unthinkable loss.Sara Swerdlow and Adam Langer are in many ways the ideal Manhattan pair. Their relationship is unvexed by the strains of sexual attraction, since both prefer men, and has even survived Adam’s huge early success as “the gay Neil Simon.” This couple, after all, can commiserate about lovers, talk about their favorite types, and ponder “the puzzlingly popular aesthetic of boxer shorts, which transformed all men into their uncles.” Each August, along with their married friends Maddy and Peter, they rent the perfect Long Island wreck, complete with impossible landlady. Now that they’re all 30, each is clinging to the last vestiges of youth–and a little concerned that Maddy and Peter’s baby, not to mention Adam’s new boyfriend, will alter the chemistry. But what no one can possibly know is that an accident will put Sara entirely out of the picture and bring her grieving, eccentric mother into it.

Killing off her ostensible heroine so early in Surrender, Dorothy may initially seem a bizarre undertaking, since Meg Wolitzer’s fans would be more than content with her take on the foursome’s summer holiday. The author, let’s recall, is an expert social observer, and can turn a divinely comic phrase in her sleep. But in her fifth novel Wolitzer is aiming for more, and her expertly controlled scenes slide from charming farce to deeper melancholy. Set in a temporary summer rental, Surrender, Dorothy is really about the permanence of loss and revelation. –Kerry Fried

Mirage Pet Products Hair Bow Chevron French Barrette Yellow

3″ wide and 2″ tall, these beautful bows are sure to impress. The bow is attached to a french barrette

Product Features

  • Hair Bow Chevron French Barrette Yellow
  • 3″ wide and 2″ tall, these beautful bows are sure to impress. The bow is attached to a french barrette
  • New Pet Products/Hair Bow Chevron@Grooming Supplies/Hair Bow Chevron

MoYou-London Nail Art Image Plate Tourist Collection 06

In order to apply MoYou designs you will need the following:

1) Nail polish – for best possible results use MoYouTM Special Nail Lacquer, although other brands could work as well.

2) MoYouTM Stamp & Scraper.

3) MoYouTM London Image Plate.

Please follow carefully the next steps:

1) Remove blue protection sticker.

2) Apply MoYouTM Nail Lacquer on the desired design

3) Remove excess nail lacquer with MoYouTM Scraper using a 45º angle.

4) Pick up the design with MoYouTM Stamp using a rolling motion.

5) Stamp the design on your nail using a rolling motion.
6) Apply MoYouTM Top Coat for a longer lasting result.

Product Features

  • MoYou Tourist Image Plate Collection 06 – Includes 32 designs on each plate.
  • The Tourist Plate collection 06 is one of 10 image plate collection. Follow our FB Page for new collections!
  • Each Plate is made of stainless steel with a plastic base. The designs are engraved in the plate
  • Please remove the plastic cover before using the plate and follow the instructions below.
  • MoYou Launches a new addition coming out every few weeks so don’t forget to come and visit! Enjoy – MoYou Team:)


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