Okay, first let me tell you what this isn’t. It’s not one of those books written by overly excited Americans who promise you instant wealth if you follow their ‘ten point get rich quick plan’. You know the kind of thing, you’ve seen the titles: How I made my first million sitting on my fat butt. Or, I used to be a bum! now I’m married to a playboy model. Thanks ebay.

If either of those titles float your boat then I’d give mine a miss and look elsewhere because this ain’t the book for you. There’s no scheme which will allow you sit on your bottom while the money rolls in. However………., having said that……… if your lucky enough to write a best seller about selling on ebay and it’s later turned it into an action film staring Bruce Willis….. well who knows?. Yeah, not likely I know but it pays to dream, right? Its also not a walk through of the ebay site. It won’t tell you anything you cant find out using ebay help pages. Nor is a potted history of ebay which, providing your not writing a thesis on on-line auction sites, your’ll be pleased to know. No, this booklet is about applying modern sales and marketing techniques to your ebay listings to get the most from them.

Do I know what I’m talking about? you ask. Well yes I do. I’ve made a living from sales and marketing most of my adult life and using skills learned I’ve made in excess of £20,000 selling, well.. basically tat.


Discover How To Recover Your Loss Using Take-Profit Techniques


This is not a trading system but a gathered – together salient, vital, unpopular and mostly overlooked strategies over the years due to my experiences which have worked over and over again for me and those that heed its directions.

The reason it is working could not be far fetched but can only be traced to the strange but accurate definition of “FOREX” as majority of the traders in the world have not discovered or understood yet. It was clearly defined in this ebook even though the whole book is just a few pages, concise for fast and easy understanding.

This e-book can be used by the newbies, intermediates and professional traders as well.

Applies to all manner of situations, trades and traders, instruments or whatever have you in the financial market.

-No matter the level of your experiences in the financial market – newbies, intermediates or professionals

– No matter the size of your trading account balance or portfolio – from as little as $10 up to any amount your capacity can manage.

– No matter the kind of trading tools you have put together to make up your trading system.

– No matter the level of your fear or boldness to take upon the market, emotions and psychological controls.

– No matter your preferred Broker, Instruments of trading e. t. c

– No restriction to any currency, commodity, stocks or whatever your traded instruments are.

– 10 Reasons why you are losing your trades.

And many more you’ll discover as you read through this e-book.

“May be you don’t have to throw away that trading system of yours that you have considered useless, there is no HOLY GRAIL trading system anywhere!

…With just a few tweaks, experimentation and concentrations, you can get yours right.


How To Give Away Free Stuff & Make Money!


The ultimate guide on helping people to find freebies and savings, while making a nice income for yourself

Finally, a business…

1. That is simple to set-up
2. That cost’s nothing to get started
3. That you can run from anywhere in the world
4. That is extremely satisfying to be a part of, and one that will make you feel you are REALLY helping those people who need it most!
5. That will earn you money day after day, week after week, year after year
Finding and giving away free stuff is very rewarding. You are genuinely helping people to make ends meet.

This book will show you all you need to know, to get started in the amazing world of freebies!

It will teach you how to: Find free stuff, Build your membership, Earn an income from affiliate companies and advertisers, Promote your service, Get free marketing, and be up and running within a week!


How To Select The Best Work From Home Business Dr Jill Reviews Work From Home Opportunities


So you want to work from home? Which one is right for you?

Deciding to work at home to supplement your income or to replace your income requires some research. There are many options to work at home. Choices, choices where to start? This booklet reviews eleven hot possibilities to help you analyze the variety of options to decide which one is the best one for you to pursue.


PRE-STARTUP BUSINESS PROGRAM: Preparation for your new business. (Startup Business Series Book 11)


Starting a business can be daunting. Common fears of insufficient funds, not enough time, lack of skills or simply not knowing how to take the first step, can all lead to regrettable indecision.

This program will guide you through the process of the preparation required to start business. It will build confidence to move forward without suffering the costly mistakes others make.

Confirm with confidence your business plan has a certain chance of achieving your goals.

Let me reassure you; business skills can be learnt. Therefore, the mantra of;

“Mindset Mechanics Mentors®” becomes very relevant to this journey:

• Have an open Mindset to explore new opportunities and learning.

• Learn the Mechanics; the how-to information required to achieve your goals.

• Connect with Mentors, who have already achieved success and are willing to teach you the same.


Definition of “pre” in English: PREPOSITION; previous to; before:

The real key to a successful start-up business is the understanding of what is required before it commences. However, this critical area is overlooked by many in their haste just to get started. You must know with calculated certainty the business idea chosen has a high chance of achieving your desired results.

Does it match your personality? Is there a need for your products or services? What skills will you need? These and more are basic questions that require honest answers.

Learning Outcomes:

This program has been crafted from experience gained of helping numerous people through the process of evaluating an idea, and then starting their own business, as well as decades of personal business ownership experience.

On successful completion of this program, the adult learner will be able to:

Part 1

1. Define personal objectives and goals for considering a startup business.

2. List personal strengths and weaknesses, then evaluate how they attribute to develop a successful business.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of personal motivation and commitment.

4. Evaluate current work-life balance, identifying potential areas for improvement.

5. Demonstrate an understanding of personality and behaviour, and how those traits may be best matched to a particular type of business venture.

6. Define the various industry types and identify which sector the proposed business will operate within.

Part 2

7. Demonstrate an understanding of a business marketing system and why it is critical for successful business growth.

8. Define market research, its benefits and methods of research.

9. Complete a basic market research exercise, summarising key points and evaluating outcomes for the proposed business.

10. Define the term ‘Financial Modelling’ and evaluate specific elements of constraint that may impact the business idea.

11. Estimate a financial break-even point for the business, and an optimistic maximum trading point.

12. Determine an estimated relationship between break-even, a maximum trading point and realistic expected trading results.

Part 3

13. Demonstrate an understanding of a business plan and its purpose.

14. Define the key components of a business plan and why they are critical to the successful development of a business.

15. Evaluate whether specific areas of profession development are required for effective business management.

16. List potential sources for support and resources that would contribute personally and to the business.

17. Complete a preliminary action plan, including specific steps necessary to move forward in developing a business.

18. Evaluate whether the “Startup Business Course” is a suitable match to assist with achieving objectives and goals.


Selecting a Network Marketing Opportunity: An Insider’s Approach


One of the most anticipated releases relating to network marketing in years! Ryan Daley takes his insider information and unique industry perspective to enlighten the reader on industry facts dealing with corporate network marketing that should be taken into consideration for anyone interested in this amazing industry. This unbiased text helps novice and leader alike gain a better insight into the behaviors within the industry.

Selecting a Network Marketing Company is usually a perspective changing event. The right person in the wrong company can disturb their feelings about the network marketing industry forever. Yet, the same person in the right company can find success and a future that they can only have imagined.

Selecting the right opportunity can be the difference between frustration and success. This book takes the reader through all of the considerations when trying to find the right company for their own personality, needs, style, and goals. This text addresses everything from upline support, product offerings, compensation plan considerations, and even corporate management teams.

A by-product of this book is that the reader gains an insider’s perspective on the complex world of corporate network marketing – the actions and decisions that are made that can directly affect the longevity, success, and stability of any opportunity. Novice will find a complete perspective on the industry, and the experienced will gain valuable insights into the world behind the corporate curtain of network marketing.