50 Great Money Making Ideas for Any Economy; Low Cost Business Ideas, Opportunities and Careers


50 Great Money-Making Ideas For Any Economy is a reference guide featuring low cost business ideas, great small business start-ups, fun and interesting business opportunities, and unique low cost career ideas that will endure most economic changes. This book is filled with hundreds of resources, including recommended websites and books, and offers suggestions on how to pursue these ideas logically and effectively. The resource guide is perfect for nearly anyone looking for new career ideas. Students, stay-at-home moms and dads, retirees, or anyone looking for something new can find value in this book. From supplemental income ideas to full time careers, this resource guide has something in it for everyone.


Secure Your Dream Part-Time Income: Great Pay – Flex Hours


What this book is about is a unique employment opportunity where you are paid well, have flexible work hours that you schedule for yourself, and have the freedom to work remotely from home or from any location, you like.

What this book is not about is an attempt to sell you a program, a special business opportunity, or anything else.

In a difficult economy where the average job is 30 hours per week or less and the pay scales are sorely lacking, a well paying part-time job is a necessity!

The question is; where can the average person find a job that does not involve the usual downside and costs related to working a part-time job.

Too often, the part-time jobs that are available require the usual downside of transportation costs to and from the work site, lack of flexibility in scheduling, and lack of a decent salary that makes working a real benefit to the worker.

In order to get a realistic picture of what I am about to describe, the great income you can earn and the incredible work conditions, you need to simply set-aside your ideas about any traditional work scenarios.

Please understand that because of the changes in technology and the accompanying shift from traditional storefront sale of goods, the new world of shopping has shifted right to your home and through your computer.

In today’s retail world, the most crucially important approach to marketing is the E-Marketing Approach, hence the shift away from traditional retail store exposure, to an orientation whose focus is clearly targeted to computer based e-marketing for the Modern World.

The E-Marketing Company we will be discussing in this book, is broken into five distinct key service industries; Entertainment, Hotel/Resort, Food Services, Publishing, and targeted Agriculture.

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The Network Marketing Cookbook – Interview with a Proven Expert (The Leveraging Interviews 3)


Marie Torres has been in network marketing for over 10 years with her Husband Andrew Murray and has achieved massive success. She is a documented six figure earner and has acute insights into the network marketing industry that help people better understand what their chances are before they sign up, and what types of training and support she offers in her own opportunities. Marketing Strategist Stu Johnson asks Marie hard questions on network marketing and why it doesn’t have such a bad rap anymore due to the advent of the internet.


Craigslist, An International Business Opportunity For All: How to Earn Fast Cash from Other People


Everyone wants to make more money right? Well Craigslist is a golden opportunity to make that happen no matter where you are in the world. In this book you will find ideas and information on how to successfully make more money from other people who rely on Craigslist each and every day of the week. When you know how to utilize Craigslist properly, you have the potential to bring in more income each and every month. You can do this part-time without having to take anytime off work or have stress involved while doing so. Learn how to become a part-time Entrepreneur on Craigslist with no risk involved.


The Million Dollar Set-Up (The Million Dollar Forex Set-Up)


Who is Raghee Horner and Why is Everyone Talking About Her?
By Peter McKenna of Investor’s Business Daily

Just who is Raghee Horner? That’s easy. If you are a Forex trader, futures trader or a stock trader, Raghee Horner is a young woman who can change your life. She can turn your losses into profits. She can take the mystery out of trading this incredible market.
This is not an idle boast. Raghee can teach you how to navigate the markets because she has put in the time and effort it takes to master Forex trading. Raghee is the quintessential hard worker who won’t let go of a topic until she understands every aspect and every nuance. She is also a natural teacher who
Slowly and diligently, Raghee developed highly disciplined trading strategies based on hours and hours of chart work, research and trial and error. It wasn’t long before her trading ability was noticed by Wall Street. High powered executives on the Street hired Raghee to teach her trading strategies to mutual fund managers and hedge fund managers. Even individual traders sought her advice.
“I have taught everyday traders from all over the world who want to make the leap from trading novice to expert,” she says. “Teaching is a fantastic way to remind myself of the tried and true basics of trading, and frankly I feel it has improved my personal trading ten-fold.”
Raghee is hosting a new program called the Winner’s Circle, which includes a package of CDs, on-line webinars and live chats with Raghee herself. Every Monday and Friday Raghee goes online live and shows Winner’s Circle members her latest charts while she talks about the market, economic indicators, chart analysis and trading set-ups.
Raghee will also critique your trades and give you a no punches pulled assessment of how to grow your talents. Many have found the money they save on correcting a few trading mistakes more than paid for the course. Although the main emphasis is on Forex, Raghee always offers some special classes on futures and stocks. In addition, her indicators and triggers are universal to all the markets.
Raghee’s third book on Forex trading, Trading Forex on Five Hours a Week, will be published in January by Wiley & Son Publishers. She has written more than 100 articles on investing, active trading and market psychology. She has written articles for Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Currency Trader, Futures Magazine and Traders Journal magazine. Her chart analysis and commentary appear on Trading Markets, JAG Notes, StockCharts.com, and FXstreet.com. She has also been a regular on the Money Watch Radio Network.
“Forex trading is something anyone can learn to do well, but we all need a checklist, a series of steps to examine before we enter or exit a position,” Raghee says. “I show traders and investors the importance of understanding market cycles, price action, chart patterns, Fibonacci, time and inter-market correlations.”