Home Islands Furniture Comfort Scenery Apple iPhone 5 / 5S Snap Cover Premium Aluminium Design Back Plate Case Customized Made to Order Support Ready 5 inch (126mm) x 2 3/8 inch (61mm) x 3/8 inch (10mm) MSD iPhone_5 5S Professional Metal Case Touch Accessories Graphic Covers Designed Model Sleeve HD Template Wallpaper Photo Jacket Wifi 16gb 32gb 64gb Luxury Protector Wireless Cellphone Cell Phone


This extremely attractive customized graphic design case cover is made from premium deluxe Aluminium Back plate and is the ideal addition for any business professionals, or just those that enjoy colorful vibrant appearances. The charging port, buttons, and speakers are exposed for easy access while being protected. Product size is Anti-dust, Finger print resistance, Water resistance, Shock absorbency The surface can be wipe down clean with water without any discoloration. Soft scratch-free interior. The art design can be customized by submitting your own picture by following along the instruction and we will be happy to design it for you. Feel Free to contact us with any question. Hand made, made to order ship from California, US to anywhere worldwide. Graphic designed in USA. Ship within 1~2 business day extremely short transit time. Easy to use. Best quality. Affordable price. Great caring customer service. Despite every effort to accurately duplicate each product’s color when scanned to our website, actual colors may vary. Due to monitor and/or video card differences, subtle variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed. Therefore you need to be certain that any slight variations occurring between the actual color, and the representation on our website, will be acceptable.

Product Features

  • Please search our Amazon Storefront “MSD iPhone 5 / 5S Aluminium Snap Case” for more design. For Apple iPhone 5 / 5S Only not for 5C. This product is based on the latest high technology manufacture processing procedure. Combine with only highest definition picture. Anti-dust protective cover that is finger print and water resistance. It’s easy to clean and maintenance its colorful picture. The product also use the highest graded material to make all the product smooth and soft.
  • All port and button, control, function is visible and unobstructed for easy charging and volume control. No signel interference or distruption.
  • With the opportunity to submit your own picture you can make your own unique product. We will make sure the product come out the way you want it. If you like this design but you want it to be on other device. Please send us a message. Then we can either find the listing for you or make it for other product. Please search our Amazon Storefront “MSD iPhone 5 / 5S Aluminium Snap Case” for more design.
  • Designed in US, Ship from California within 1 or 2 business day to worldwide unlike competitor that take 3 to 5 day.
  • Our friendly customer service and designer is online 7 day a week. We are happy to answer any question for you. So you will be 100% happy with our great product. During this brand new market limited time promotional sales offer take up to 50% discount


16 Available Employment Opportunities: Why You Don’t Need a Regular Job to Make Money


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Start Your Own Freight Brokerage Business (StartUp Series)


Looking for an easy-to-start business that can turn a profit in a very short time? As a freight broker, you can make good money, right from your home, matching carriers with shippers for a fee. It’s a very easy business to start, requiring no special training or knowledge of the shipping industry needed. Let our experts help you get going! Taking you step by step, the experts at Entrepreneur show you how to start a freight brokerage business, from industry overview to day-to-day operations. Learn basic requirements for getting your business off the ground, how to create business partnerships, avenues to successfully market your services, how to prepare for and avoid common problems, and much more. Our experts provide real-life examples, sound business advice and priceless tips to put you on your way to startup success! Learn how to: • Establish your business • Define your services • Find reliable carriers • Set rates and commissions • Choose the right avenues for marketing your services • Hire a support staff • And more Find success in freight—join this billion-dollar industry today!


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    The Mom Inventors Handbook, How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing, Revised and Expanded 2nd Ed


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