Avery Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards for Inkjet Printers, Matte, Ivory, Pack of 200 (08876)


Vying for a big account? Need to break the ice at a business meeting? Armed with plenty of these Clean EdgeBusiness Cards and a little confidence, you can accomplish anything you set out to do. The nonperforated, two-sided printable cards are extra sturdy with smooth edges for a standout way to make your message known. Take advantage of free blank and predesigned templates at avery.com to design and print professional-looking business cards from your inkjet printer in minutes. Looks like this deck is really stacked in your favor. Clean, smooth edges for a professional presentation. Two-sided printing provides greater surface area to give your clients key information. Extra-sturdy, matte-coated cards feel substantial in your hand. Convenient do-it-yourself cards mean that you can make changes to your design as often as you like. Design and print from your desktop in minutes. Print only the number of cards you need. Compatible with inkjet printers. Customize and print using free templates from avery.com. Avery Clean Edgeprintable business cards deliver superior print quality and a professional look and feel.

Product Features

  • Clean, smooth edges for a professional presentation
  • Two-sided printing provides greater surface area to give your clients key information
  • Extra-sturdy, matte-coated cards feel substantial in your hand
  • Convenient do-it-yourself cards mean that you can make changes to your design as often as you like
  • Design and print from your desktop in minutes


Outcome-Based Marketing: New Rules for Marketing on the Web


With the support of illustrations, examples, case studies and downloadable resources and tools, learn how to zero in on your online marketing goals, choose the best marketing tactics, and integrate timeless and new media techniques and more— and how to immediately implement them. From developing compelling content and discovering where to reach prospects on the web to leveraging social media and turning potential clients into paying customers, this action-packed guide covers it all.

Leavy also takes you beyond your online efforts, and discloses the top business and marketing components that should be tracked and identifies common issues and solutions that most businesses face while implementing their online marketing plans.


Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash–Without the Commute


Escape the cube. Ditch the commute. It?s not just a dream anymore.

Many people already spend 12 hours a day getting to work, working, getting home from work. Here?s some good news: thanks to advances in technology, acceptance of outsourcing, the trend towards corporate flextime, and other factors, working from home is easier than ever.

Good Morning America?s Workplace Contributor Tory Johnson and consumer advocate Robyn Freedman Spizman tell readers exactly how to turn today?s cultural change to their advantage without giving up an income. Specific business plans will teach them how to:
? Take their current position home
? Find a new company whose policies will allow them to work from home
? Reseach a product they believe in, and sell it from home
? Start their own business, doing something they love, for a minimal initial investment

With real-life stories, a step-by-step plan, resource guides, and lists of scams to avoid, this is the book that will help readers finally make the leap??and show them that they don?t have to give up their family, creativity, or peace of mind to earn a decent salary.


Come Home Music Sheet Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 Flip Case Stand Magnetic Cover Open Ports Customized Made to Order Support Ready Premium Deluxe Pu Leather 6 1/16 Inch (154mm) X 3 5/16 Inch (84mm) X 9/16 Inch (14mm) msd Note cover Professional Note2 Cases Note_2 Two Accessories Graphic Background Covers Designed Model Folio Sleeve HD Template Designed Wallpaper Photo Jacket Wifi Protector Cellphone Wireless Cell phone


This extremely attractive customized graphic design Note 2 case cover is made from premium deluxe leather and is the ideal addition for any business professionals, or just those that enjoy colorful vibrant appearances. The Samsung Note 2 charging port, buttons, and speakers are exposed for easy access while being protected. Product size is 6 1/16 Inch (154mm) X 3 5/16 Inch (84mm) X 9/16 Inch (14mm) Anti-dust, Finger print resistance, Water resistance, Shock absorbency The surface can be wipe down clean with water without any discoloration. Soft scratch-free interior. Built-in magnets hold the screen flap in place where ever you go. The art design can be customized by submitting your own picture by following along the instruction and we will be happy to design it for you. Feel Free to contact us with any question. Hand made, made to order ship from California, US to anywhere worldwide. Graphic designed in USA. Ship within 1~2 business day extremely short transit time. Easy to use. Best quality. Affordable price. Great caring customer service. Despite every effort to accurately duplicate each product’s color when scanned to our website, actual colors may vary. Due to monitor and/or video card differences, subtle variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed. Therefore you need to be certain that any slight variations occurring between the actual color, and the representation on our website, will be acceptable.

Product Features

  • For Samsung Note 2 Only. This product is based on the latest high technology manufacture processing procedure. Combine with only highest definition picture. Anti-dust protective cover that is finger print and water resistance. It’s easy to clean and maintenance its colorful picture. The product also use the highest graded material to make all the product smooth and soft.
  • Magnetic cover which is very easy to open and close. All port and button, control, function is visible and unobstructed for easy charging and volume control.
  • With the opportunity to submit your own picture you can make your own unique product. We will make sure the product come out the way you want it. If you like this design but you want it to be on other device. Please send us a message. Then we can either find the listing for you or make it for other product. To get started by searching this B00FP762T6 and please follow the instruction.
  • Designed in US, Ship from California within 1 or 2 business day to worldwide unlike competitor that take 3 to 5 day.
  • Our friendly customer service and designer is online 7 day a week. We are happy to answer any question for you. So you will be 100% happy with our great product. During this brand new market limited time promotional sales offer take up to 50% discount.


The Opportunity Tree; A Desperate Man Turns Passion Into a Profitable Life


“If you liked, “The Alchemist” or “Who Moved My Cheese,” you’ll love this book.”

Many successful small businesses begin with less than $1,000 and begin to make money almost immediately. It’s usually in an area of the owner’s previous experience, and the owner feels he just ‘fell’ into the opportunity and decided to go for it.

Opportunity is probably staring you right in the face. Learn to recognize it. Grasp it with both hands. Don’t let it slip away. Take this book as your motivational kick in the pants!

“The Opportunity Tree” is a companion volume to the bestselling, “Time: the Ultimate Investment.” It teaches essential principles in a story that entertains as well as revealing all you need to know to start your own business. From initial idea to substantial cash flow, learn how to recognize opportunity, follow its path and turn your passion into a profitable life.

Here’s the story (It may sound familiar):

Dan Benjamin lost his job, lost his dignity and is about to lose his house. He’s conscientious, hard working and smart, yet he still can’t find a job. He thought he had all the answers but learned the hard way he was sadly mistaken. All he can do is hang on and hold out for a break. Every step forward sees him knocked two steps back. Then Dan learns he’s been blacklisted for something he didn’t do — and it’s emblazoned all across the newspapers.

Dan keeps plugging along, living life in quiet desperation. Then a strange dream spurs him forward and he meets a fluffy bunny magnate, a chemistry teacher and a festival vendor who help him recognize a small business opportunity that’s been staring him right in the face. Trouble is, he’s not quite sure how to start a business of his own. It would be a home based business, so his risk is minimal – which is good because he doesn’t have any money for a business start up right now anyway.

Hesitantly, Dan steps onto the path leading him to what looks to be the new business enterprise of his dreams. Can he hold on until he finds success or will he lose everything in the process? He’s not sure about this entrepreneurship thing.

Written by a veteran banker and business owner who has worked with over 250 start up and expanding businesses. It’s a realistic example of what you can expect when starting your own business.